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What’s the cost of highlights in Las Vegas?

What’s the cost of highlights in Las Vegas?

A Perfect Hue Blog

As prices soar in Las Vegas, where even groceries rank among the highest in the US, many of us wonder about the costs behind stunning hair transformations. Drawing from my over two decades of experience in the hairstyling industry, I vividly remember when prices of $50, $150, or $200 seemed steep for highlights or color services. However, the world of hairstyling has evolved significantly since those days.The cost of these services now are $300-$500 and more. Why? Social media has allowed the hair industry to evolve so quickly allowing us to master our skills and our guests to learn what dream hair could look like.

Around 15 years ago, the rise of Guy Tang on social media brought a fresh wave of hairstyling trends. His innovative techniques sparked a surge in demand, pushing stylists like us to master balayage and foilyage. This era coincided with economic shifts that changed how often guests visited salons. Stylists had to reinvent the wheel, learning tons of new techniques on top of the technology of hair color changing a lot at this time, or maybe it was more the knowledge on how to use it best.

Thinking back to my early days as a hairstylist, guests used to flock to the salon weekly for shampoo sets, and color appointments were a regular every 4 to 6 weeks. Fast forward to today, guests space out their visits, sometimes waiting 8 to 12 weeks, or even just popping in once or twice a year. The time and effort we invest as hairstylists have also increased, with color costs spiking twice in 2023, not to mention significant price hikes in 2020 for foils and related products. The new trends with hair color looks take so much longer than it used to 20 years ago. Now, on average, a blonding visit is 3-5 hours or more depending on how big the transformation is. This is also a big reason for the pricing changes.

The impact of social media is undeniable. It has turned hairstylists into influencers, with celebrity hairstylists inspiring us to take our craft to new heights. Not only has our stylists been influenced, but our guests are bringing in photos from the celebrity hairstylists and expecting the exact same results. One standout individual in 2024 is Jack Martin, renowned for his groundbreaking work in gray hair transformation and championing brands like K18 for the newest technology in hair repair. Jack Martin charges thousands for these 6-8 hour transformations, and when we tell our guests the price, their jaw hits the floor because they don’t understand the science behind “going gray”… they think we just remove hair color, and poof! It’s several hours of services and then maintenance to keep this look up. It requires regular 6 week appointments after the initial correction to remove color from the hair.

Yet, achieving and maintaining that new hair color goes beyond the initial transformation. Whether it’s a dramatic change like a gray hair makeover, or any other color service, ongoing upkeep is essential. All hair dye eventually fades warm due to the natural undertones of red, orange, or yellow. I’ll say it louder for those in the back, ALL HAIR COLOR FADES WARM! Using quality salon products such as Redken and K18 helps preserve color vibrancy by balancing hair pH levels. Cheap shampoo and conditioner can use lower quality ingredients, allowing your cuticle layer to open and slip out the dye molecules. Adding a regular gloss and a treatment maintenance to your schedule will help maintain a great color for your hair.

The latest trend is the lived-in hair color look, and while it sounds easy, like you just let it grow out, it’s actually a process to get that soft blend, and it does allow only 2-4 lightening services per year. Depending on the tone being warm or cool you will require regular glosses, and don’t forget to trim your hair at minimum every 3 months to keep it looking fresh.

At A Perfect Hue Salon, our dedication to honesty means we’re upfront about the process and what it takes to achieve your dream look. We are known as one of the Best Salons in Las Vegas by Expertise and Google, our team is friendly and we are known for our salon experience and continued education. Reach out to us via Instagram DM or text “Guest” to kickstart your next hair adventure. Let’s make your hair dreams a reality together.

Blog written by Salon Owner Emily Climer @emilyclimer on Instagram