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Vivid Hair Care

Vivid Hair Care

Featuring Guest Service Representative Aundrea

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Have you dreamed of having mesmerizing mermaid hair? Do you feel inspired by the color wheel and imagine all the ways it can be used to create a look that fulfills your hair fantasies? Are you ready to unleash your inner chameleon and rock a bold, vibrant look?

Keep your stylist on speed dial because you’re going to be addicted to the Vivid Color lifestyle.

When it comes to hair, Vivid Colors are vibrant hues that go beyond the spectrum of natural hair colors. Vivids offer a popular way to add excitement and express your unique sense of style. These semi-permanent shades allow you to experiment with captivating colors so your hair can become a canvas for artistic self-expression, inviting you to embrace the bold. From the delicate tints of pastels to the eye-catching tones of neons and everything in between, there’s a world of opportunity to discover the Perfect Hue that brings out the best version of you!

Our Guest Service Representative, Aundrea, is no stranger to the world of Vivid Colors. Having embraced these captivating hues since middle school, Aundrea’s journey has evolved into a mastery of maintenance and stellar at-home care. And she helped us pinpoint the most important things to keep in mind when scheduling your Vivid Color Transformation.

Keeping consistent salon appointments will help maintain the color.

The life span of Vivid Color is shorter than natural-toned hair. Most Vivids are semi-permanent, and they last an average of 6-8 washes. Though certain Vivids, such as pastels, will fade quicker than others. To keep the color vibrant and visible in your hair, you’ll need to stay on track with maintenance appointments with your stylist.

It’s important to remember that your stylist is an expert: they understand your hair and have extensive training with color products. They’ll have the perfect recommendation for scheduling touch-ups that will keep your hair healthy and keep you shining bright.

Be aware of fading factors

The main contributors to fading colors are sun exposure, swimming, heat styling, and washing your hair with hot water. So the summer months are especially brutal to Vivid Colors. When the sun is shining its brightest, the stronger UV rays can break down the color’s pigmentation, its a great time to enjoy a express keartin treatmnet to help lock in your color. Heat styling is a big way that color can fade, be sure to use heat protectant on wet hair before blowdrying and especially on dry hair while using hot tools. We reccomend any of the pureology stylers or Redken Heat protecting spray theres two options Thermal Spray with low hold or high hold. We suggest low hold for easy to curl hair or flat iron users and high hold for hard to curl or curly hair styles. Chlorine strips your hair of moisture and color, taking your once unicorn hair and leaving it discolored and lacking its once-magical quality. While we suggest no vivid haircolor guest goes swimming! If you insist on swimming using Redken’s Cleansing cream immediately after swimming or wetting your hair and applying a leave in before swimming is a great way to prevent your hair from absorbing chlorine. Washing your hair with hot water can damage your masterpiece: which is why we suggest washing your hair with the coldest water you can. In Vegas its tough to get cold water in the summer months and we dont want you to freeze in the winter, try flipping your head over the tub and washing then put it in a towel and take your hot shower.

But there are easy solutions to keeping your hair bright and healthy. To protect your hair (and skin!) from sun exposure, invest in a fashionable sunhat that complements your color. If your spending a day at the pool, minimize your hair’s contact with the water and prioritize rinsing any chlorinated water out of your hair as soon as possible. And when you’re washing your rainbow look, be sure to use cooler water and color-protective products.

At-home care is a must! And the products make all the difference.

Vivid colors can keep their brightness for longer with a great at-home care plan. Redken carries several amazing color lines that are mermaid, unicorn, and rainbow safe.

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Color Extend Magnetics

This line is sulfate-free and excellent for color-treated hair. It gently cleanses and balances the PH levels in your hair to hold your color’s vibrancy. Instead of working against the color in your hair, this product line was created to product that color and keep it glowing until your next in-salon visit. And maybe the bottle will inspire your next color choice.

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Acidic Bonding Concentrate

This line is a fan favorite! They are color-safe and sulfate-free, and they are excellent for repairing your hair. The entire ABC line features intense conditioning and takes preventive measures to maintain the brilliance of your color. AND it takes hair care a step further by assisting with split ends and breakages, keeping your hair and color strong.

Embrace Vivid Colors!

Embrace the Vivid Color lifestyle to open up a world of possibilities for transforming your hair into a mesmerizing work of art. And with the right maintenance and care, your Vivid Color will continue to turn heads. Let your personality shine through and embark on this fearless, vibrant journey with us. Because we’re all about finding the perfect hue to make you feel like you.