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At A Perfect Hue, we utilize a level system to offer our guests the most customized service possible with pricing that accommodates any budget. As each artist meets specific goals throughout their career, they receive a promotion and their level is raised. This is a way to guarantee to our guests that there is no erroneous pricing of talent. Each artist’s pricing is strictly based on the demand for their time. That being said, whether you book with a level one or a level six, you will receive a top notch service and guest experience. We welcome you to see any artist at any time and if someone is unavailable we welcome you to try another artist. We are a team and wish you happy hair ensuring we get your reservation at the day and time you’d prefer.


Danielle Azeez

Level 2 Stylist | Curly Hair Expert


I recently relocated to Las Vegas from the East Coast and am enjoying the desert heat. As a stylist, I am passionate about helping my guests work with their natural attributes to bring out the best style for their hair type. I have over a decade of experience with all hair types but have found that I have a lot to offer to my naturally curly-haired clients.


My guests love my advanced blending techniques that create rich but natural looking color. I love helping guests experiment with and embrace their curls. A Deva Curl class perpetuated my expertise in this area. I excel in helping clients who are looking for a change, hoping to embrace their natural curls, or to enhance their color in a natural looking blending or balayage technique.


Moving from the East Coast to the desert has been a big change for my husband, son and I. We are excited to experience the warm weather and connect with our family now that we live closer. We enjoy dancing and playing with our little one and daily walks in the evenings. My husband is Caribbean and we miss Jamaican restaurants from back East. We look forward to exploring what Las Vegas has to offer.


In my chair, clients will experience cutting edge techniques with styling tips that can be brought home and recreated daily. I want my guests to feel their best every day, not just when they leave the salon. I work with my guests to ensure they are enhancing their natural look and feel their best. I am a dedicated and experienced stylist who is committed to continual education. My guests appreciate my realistic approach and utilization of new techniques.


Annalise Aguas

Level 1 Stylist


I was inspired to become a cosmetologist by my older cousin who is an extraordinary hairstylist. From her hair to her fashion, she is such a beautiful role model. She is the one who opened my eyes to the beauty industry and made me realize this career was attainable. I love making connections with people and hair is a fun and interesting way to do so.


Your hair is very important to me. I always take the time to listen to my guests and make sure we are on the same page and we have a thorough game plan to achieve your dream hair. As I mentioned before, I love making connections with people so I love getting to know you as a person. I care about you and your hair, so it matters to me how you feel in my chair from when you arrive to when you leave.


I was born and raised in the Bay Area and now I enjoy living in Las Vegas with my husband and fur baby Timber. I have a big, bubbly personality that I pride myself on. I am a very compassionate and passionate person. I try to do everything I do wholeheartedly.


In my chair, guests will experience a fun environment with me. Guest satisfaction is important, so your hair and how you feel matter the most to me. I love education, so I will teach guests how to achieve their dream look at home as well as teaching which home care procedures will best benefit them.


Jordan Williams

Level 1 Stylist


I am Las Vegas born and raised and spent 5 years in Georgia where I became a certified hair stylist. When I moved back to Vegas, I was excited to join the A Perfect Hue team because I thrive in environments that offer opportunities to collaborate. Working with and learning from other stylists allows us all to grow and offer cutting edge services.


I was drawn to hair because I love helping others feel their best while also showing my creative side. I authentically enjoy connecting and laughing with clients. I am supportive and enjoy building up others. I try my best to bring good vibes to all situations. Guests will feel relaxed and comfortable in my chair. I am a great listener and ensure that every client leaves the salon with a look that makes them feel incredible.


I love treating my guests to a soothing shampoo and blow out. My signature service includes a spa edge which spoils guests with a moment to relax and enjoy their time at the salon. I love working with clients to achieve their desired blonding hues while enhancing the integrity and health of their hair.


I have always had a creative side and becoming a hairstylist has given me the opportunity to express it. I am known to be a social butterfly and being in this industry definitely gives me the opportunity to meet new people everyday. I am extremely supportive, passionate, and I love building people up.


I try my best to bring nothing but good vibes in the salon, and behind my chair. I am a great listener, and I always try my very best to make sure every guest that sits in my chair leaves the salon feeling beautiful and radiantly confident. My goal as a hairstylist is to create a relaxing experience while being able to express creativity behind the chair.


I am all about crystals, sage smudging, affirmations and meditations. I am a firm believer in energy and how it can affect others. I am a huge advocate for Mental Health awareness. I was taught that you never know what someone else is going through, so be kind. As a hairstylist I have the opportunity to not only help you achieve your dream hair, but to listen to you as a person.


Mary Roque

Level 1 Stylist


I became a hairstylist because I love helping my guests find their confidence within themselves through their hair. I am a creative person, and my favorite thing to do is express myself through hair. The satisfaction I get from coming up with the right solution for compromised hair is definitely a challenge but once I see the outcome, it gives me a sense of accomplishment.


I value education, so I am eager to learn new techniques and create some of the latest hair trends seen in the media. To me, higher quality of work is more important than the quantity of work done. I view “mistakes” as an opportunity to learn and grow as a person and hairstylist. Correct it and perfect it!


A few things that make me unique are that I am bilingual! I am Filipino, so I can speak English and Tagalog. I consider myself a Jack of all trades, I love to try new things and will surprise you on what I can do. I love singing, dancing, playing volleyball, and badminton.

I am very friendly. It’s my goal to make every guest who sits in my chair comfortable and happy. I’m a great listener, so if you ever need to get something off your chest, I’m here for you.


Kathy Aguilar

Level 1 Stylist


I love making connections with people, and nothing brings me more enjoyment than knowing that I can make someone smile and be more confident by customizing a haircut or color that suits their desires. From the moment a guest sits in my chair to the time they leave, I am fulfilled with the knowledge I made someone’s day better. I enjoy connecting with my guests on a personal level and getting to know them. I like to know about them as a person, not just a guest in my chair. I find that the main reason why I am a hairstylist is the freedom it allows me to be myself. It lets me express my personality and creativity when I am behind the chair.


I have 15 years of experience as a hairstylist and owner, but I have recently chosen to humble myself and get back to education and improving my skills, even though I have the experience I am open to learning from those around me who may not have the experience that I do but I know that they can teach me new ways, and I think that in itself is pretty unique in my industry.


I have an ability to remember a lot about my clients and they always tell me how impressive it is that I can recall the things we talk about weeks, months or even years after meeting them. I am a great listener, and I strive to deliver an unforgettable experience. I am persistent. In some ways, it can impact me negatively and in other ways my persistence has been life-changing in where I have ended up and where I know I belong. I do not give up on myself or those that I love.


I have a keen interest in True Crime and love to watch documentaries or books on serial killers. If I was not a Hairstylist I would have pursued my career in Forensic Psychology.


I believe there is always room for improvement and I know I can be better today than I was yesterday, one day I aspire to educate and share my knowledge with those coming into or returning to the industry. I am looking to give back in a field that has created so much opportunity for me.

Front Desk Receptionist

Rebekah Huynh

I have always loved and admired the energy and creativity of the beauty industry.  I was a hair stylist for four years, and while I loved doing hair, I fell in love with the hard work of working Front Desk.  The mission of the Front Desk is to support and grow the salon business, and that’s why I love being the Guest Experience Expert at A Perfect Hue. 


I was a hair stylist, makeup artist, and lice removal specialist for four years, so I believe my past work experience behind the chair is extremely helpful in supporting the salon.  I genuinely care about how each guest’s experience is in our salon and I want to make your experience here feel perfect.


I was born and raised in Charleston, SC. I got married to my husband in January 2020 and moved to Las Vegas shortly after.  While I miss my family back home, I am enjoying the beauty of the desert and city life.  I love music, dogs, and traveling. 


I’m a very caring person and that shows in my customer service. I’m very passionate and I love to learn, so I’m always looking to expand my education in all aspects of my life. A Perfect Hue is always educating it’s team, that’s another reason why I love this environment. I love supporting my fellow stylists at A Perfect Hue, and I strive to make your experience here wonderful. 


Emily Climer

Level 5 Stylist | Certified Redken Hair Colorist | Redken Certified Design Stylist | Summit Salon Coach 


As a young stylist I quickly realized how much I loved the science behind hair. I also found, I have a great love of leading and teaching hair to others, not only my guests but other stylists, as well. I believe teaching what I’m doing and why, helps guests feel comfortable and relaxed in my chair. I enjoy educating my guest with not only what to do, but how to recreate their look at home. I’m continuously learning and growing; the sky’s the limit. Additionally, I chose to be a salon owner to grow people for a living. Seeing our team become rock star stylists, has been incredibly rewarding. I want nothing but the best for them, and I give them everything I can to get them there.


Progressing through my career, I fell in LOVE with Redken. Their education is top notch! Becoming Redken Color Certified and Redken Design Certified gave me the knowledge to take it to the next level and really blossom as a stylist. Their science based principles made my inner “Hair Nerd” happy! I love, through Redken guidelines, creating hair color and styles that are healthy, maintainable with longevity. In 2019 I was hired by Summit Salon to be a salon coach and now I get to share my passion in the salon business with other salon owners.


At the early age of 10, I knew my calling and attended cosmetology school in high school. I was born and raised a “Michigander”, and yes, I can show you where I’m from on my hand! I relocated to Las Vegas in 2010, where I fell in love with the desert and a boy! Leo and I have a passion for being overachievers and living a healthy lifestyle. In my spare time, I’m a weight lifting addict (I’m way stronger than I look!). I, also, enjoy traveling and being at the beach or pool as much as possible.


Every guest that enters our salon is greeted with a warm welcome and feels instantly like family. I love creating a customized hair plan to reach everyone’s hair goals while maintaining healthy beautiful hair. Call to reserve your complimentary consultation.

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