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Before going to any salon in 2023 you need to know these 3 things!

Before going to any salon in 2023 you need to know these 3 things

How established are they in their culture?

Is it just a motto imprinted on the business card or is it a philosophy that is lived everyday, by everyone?

At A Perfect Hue Salon, also known as APH, we are a team that thrives on Honesty, Unity, Education and Serving the community everyday. This is portrayed in our daily interactions so much so that our guests mention it time and time again in their Google & Yelp! reviews. said it best when they said “A good organizational culture aligns with its employees’ attitudes and expectations, boosting their performance within the company.” Needless to say, APH is very established in their culture.

Do they offer consultations that include transparent, upfront pricing?

About 97 percent of stylists say they give consultations according to industry education leader “Behind the Chair”. However, only 7 percent of clients recognize they’ve even had a consultation!

At APH we have a sit down consultation that results in a plan of action that is repeated back to the guest to confirm, followed by the “cost to create” asking “is this comfortable for you in regards to your beauty budget today?” Once the plan of action and beauty budget are determined we ask, “are you ready to move forward?” It can be tempting to always choose a hairstylist based on the lowest “cost to create”, but you should consider that when you pay a low price to see a stylist, that stylist most likely isn’t able to afford continuing education or top quality products.

A Perfect Hue Salon is backed by leading brands such as Redken, Pureology and Mizani. These are brands that we believe in and offer a plethora of continuing education to make sure our team is always up on the latest trends.

Can the salon guarantee their work?

There is little worse than feeling misunderstood or being truly unhappy with your hair service outcome. After having had a thorough consultation this creates a game plan that should be seamless, right? On the rare occasion where you may not be happy with your hair, does your salon have any recourse action you can take?

At A Perfect Hue Salon we guarantee our work. If the look agreed upon during the consultation was not achieved then we will make it right with a complimentary correction so that you leave feeling extremely satisfied!

Choosing the salon, and stylist, that works intimately with you over the years is a very big decision that should be made after adequate research has been conducted. Make sure you spend your time wisely and have all of your questions, concerns and thoughts answered.

We offer complimentary consultations in person and virtual at A Perfect Hue Salon and would love the chance to sit and talk with you regarding your hair goals!

We look forward to speaking with you soon!