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Balayage & Color

Highlight & Color

Color Correction

Ready for a big change? Need to remove a direct dye or home hair color? We have a specialty for creating a plan for you. We offer complimentary consults to cover the costs and services. We do have an hourly rate for this service always including all treatments necessary to be sure your hair feels amazing after.


All corrective color is per consult and includes all pre and post treatments. Your artist will help you decide which services are right for you.


Disclaimer** If we are removing black or dark home hair color that has been applied time and time again, this may take several sessions. We are willing to create a lot of beautiful looks along the way.

per hour
$100 - $125

Full Highlight

A Full Highlight is great for our guests who want to be overall lighter. Its also great for those who have dark hair color and want to get to a lighter shade, and can add a gloss to determine the final tone. A full highlight includes 50 foils and comes with a blowout.

starting at
$135 - $165

Partial Highlight

A Partial Highlight is a great way to add dimension to a natural color or with a base color. A Partial Highlight includes 30 foils and a blowout.

starting at
$107 - $137

Face Frame Highlight

Face framing Highlight is just a little color round your hairline, but could also be places as accent colors. A Face frame Highlight includes 10 foils and a blowout.

starting at
$62 - $92


Base color retouch to cover the sparkles as we call them! Or to change your natural hair, color services include a blow out. Gloss to refresh the ends is additional color per ounce.

starting at
$82 - $117


A Color Gloss is great to correct unwanted tones, refresh color or just simply add shine! Most of our guests who enjoy Balayage will get a gloss every 6 weeks with a treatment haircut to keep their color looking fresh.

starting at
$68 - $108

Additional Color

Luxury Color
PH Bonder
Bleach & Tone
$111 - $137
Global Bleach & Tone
$329 - $379

Our Recent Work

Balayage Menu

At A Perfect Hue Salon we created a customized menu to help determine exactly which services you will need to create your dream hair!

Full Balayage

A Full Balayage is more of an Ombre look where every piece of hair is lightened. This service is for a guest who has little to no color and is looking for the ultimate makeover!

starting at
$227 - $257

Partial Balayage

A Dimensional Balayage can look like a full highlight where its very blended and maybe has a smudged root. This service is created for touch ups or someone who wants to go a little brighter.

starting at
$152 - $182

Face Framing Balayage

A Face Framing Balayage is exactly as it sounds, a few pieces around the face! This service is used to touch up the money piece on a guest who gets regular balayage services to touch up. its also great to add a smidge of color to natural hair, or a bright color gloss over top for a statement.

starting at
$111 - $137

Always a happy client with the services I receive every time I leave there! My stylist always does such a fabulous job on my hard to manage hair color that I have! Love all the staff there they’re so professional and friendly they make me feel so welcome and taken care of! Can’t wait for my next gloss appt!

- Geneine H.