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A Perfect Hue Skin Care

A Perfect Hue Skin Care

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Your skin is a window into your life. When you are down in the dumps, your skin will look lackluster. But when you are happy and lead a healthy lifestyle, your skin will look bright and feel replenished. Your skin glows when you glow.

At A Perfect Hue, we want you to glow all of the time.

Facials are the perfect service to add brightness to your life from the inside out. On the inside, facials are an amazing stress-reliever to help you feel relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated. On the outside, our customized facials will offer you a unique skin care experience catered to your skin goals. And, paired together, you’ll find yourself in a relaxing, skin positive utopia.

Our spa department wants you to find joy in skincare services that will enhance and relax. All of our treatments include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, and a mask that suits your skin needs. Each facial features customly selected products to suit your skin and help you reach your skin goals. You’ll be able to enjoy a stress and tension relieving neck and shoulder massage that ends with a warm towel on your back that will indulge your senses with a fresh peppermint aroma.

Here’s how the booking process works:

  1. Choose the facial treatment that suits your needs.
  2. Explore the corrective treatment options that can take your facial to another level of care.
  3. Discover add-on treatments that can amplify relaxation or skincare benefits– or both!

At your appointment, you’ll receive a brief consultation with one of our estheticians who will determine the best treatment plan for you. Your esthetician will be able to answer any treatment questions and offer expert advice on what will enhance your facial and ensure you leave glowing, refreshed, and at ease with the stresses around you.

Our Facials

Signature Facial

Indulge in a luxurious facial targeted on relaxation. Offered as 30 or 60 minutes.

Reparative Facial

Listen to your skin’s needs and treat yourself to a facial targeted to address your skin concerns. The reparative facial includes the addition of ONE corrective treatment. Offered as 30 or 60 minutes.

Advanced Facial

If your skin is asking for more, this facial will answer. With the advanced facial, you’ll receive TWO corrective treatments. Offered as 60 minutes.

Corrective Treatment Options

High Frequency

Improve acne, reduce enlarged pores and blackheads, reduce puffiness, soften fine lines, and improve the skin’s elasticity. This treatment is perfect for all skin types.


Reveal a radiant, youthful complexion by diminishing wrinkles, smoothing skin, brightening skin tone, shrinking appearance of pores, and reducing age spots. This treatment is suitable for dry, oily, and aging skin, but cannot be done on skin with active acne.

Led Light Therapy

Promote anti-aging effects, such as increased skin cell turnover, while reducing inflammation and redness. All skin types can enjoy this treatment. Enjoy red light therapy for a targeted treatment that will stimulate collagen production. Or bask in the blue light to destroy acne-causing bacteria.

Enhancement Opportunities


Jade Roller

This time tested facial massager will offer a cooling touch at the end of your facial. Massage techniques will aid in reducing puffiness, stimulating lymphatic drainage, and promoting blood circulation to leave your skin with a brightened, soothed look.

Gua Sha

This tiny but mighty facial massaging tool focuses on leaving you with glowing skin. The unique shape of the tool promotes circulation while delivering fresh oxygen to facial tissues– giving you a healthy glow that cannot be found anywhere else.

Ice Globes

The frosty touch of ice globes will work to relax facial muscles and ease tensions that occur after a long day of feeling life’s stresses. This treatment will help product penetrate deeper into the skin while reducing inflammation and refining the appearance of pores.

Eye Treatment

The skin underneath your eyes is delicate– it deserves a special treatment. Focusing on reducing puffiness and fading the appearance of dark circles, an eye treatment is perfect for anyone who spends their day in front of a screen. Relieve tension around the eye that you didn’t even know existed.

Lip Treatment

Relish in the deliciousness of a sugary lip scrub that will gently exfoliate away dead skin to reveal softer, plumper lips. This treatment will rehydrate your pout and leave your lips glowing right along with the rest of your skin.

Foot and Hand Massage

Once you’ve experienced a neck and shoulder massage from the golden hands of our estheticians, you’ll realize that one massage just isn’t enough. Add a foot and hand massage to your service to ensure you reach a state of total relaxation.

Luxury Foot and Hand Massage

Are your hands and feet needing an extra touch of something special? Upgrade to the luxury option. This treatment includes a hydrating, smoothing mask to offer your hands and feet the same level of professional skin care that your face is receiving.